Self-esteem Sausages!

sausages-ad.3f31071c1edb286df80c2c6ce1f58c602Taylors & Jones’ Sausage book released!

Gareth Jones: ‘I have lived the greater part of my adult life in Sweden. I mix more in Swedish circles than in British ones. Yet I managed to stumble across something so British as sausage making. And by that I don’t mean just any old sausage, but something that is truly traditional in Britain – proper hand-made sausages. Bangers! With spices that every Brit would welcome with a smile.’

In Taylors & Jones Sausage Book there are recipes for how to make 40 of their tastiest sausages, such as Italian Style Pork, Lamb Merguez, Beef and Garlic, and Cumberland Style Pork. Besides these, there are about 50 dinner recipes where sausage has pride of place, and you can choose yourself whether you use your own home-made sausages, or bought ones.


There are recipes too for accessories like mustard, sausage bread, potato salad and coleslaw. The book guides you through the basics you need to know to make your own sausage, for example what equipment you need, how finely you must mince the meat, tips for various spices, storage and how long they will keep. And all of this is interspersed with personal anecdotes about how the various sausage recipes came into being, and about interesting sausage meetings. taylors & jones sausage book – stuffing and cooking sausages from all over the world.

About the authors:

Gareth Jones comes from Mumbles outside Swansea in southern Wales and has worked as a chef in various parts of the world.

David Taylor is a butcher from Moira outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. David started as a butcher when he was only 15 years old.

Herman Rasmuson is a chef, has written the books Syrat and Grönt, and is behind the GarlicCard company.

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