Traca App launch 1st Jan 2016


Founded in Mayimages of 2013, Traca is a trusted community for people to discover, donate, and participate in charitable initiatives around the world.

Whether you want to participate in a local event this weekend, support an earthquake relief effort on the other side of the world or donate to cause closer to home, Traca connects people to initiatives that need help, simply and quickly. And with a growing community of users and charities, Traca is the easiest way for people to help whomever, wherever and whenever they desire.

Traca brings two uniquely innovative technologies to the non profit world and puts it in the palm of your hand. Using GEO location the proprietary ‘Traca Feed’ delivers our customers with the best and most appropriate initiatives in your area. The noise of the internet is removed, enabling you to make quicker, more informed and efficient decisions. The second advantage you will have in using Traca, is 100% charity integration from the get go. You will not have to wait for a charity to sign up to the platform to make a donation. We have identified a transparent payment system that enables you to contribute immediately without delay.


Oliver Morgan

CEO & Co-founder

Founder. Community Disrupter.  Hotelier. Father. Friend. Son. Brother. Student. Employee. Employer. Traveler. Runner. Biker. Swimmer.

Jack Morgan

CTO & Co-founder

Jack is the co-founder and Managing Director at Traca. He drives the company’s strategy and growth as it provides interesting and unique ways for people to make a real difference in their community.

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