Working with Refugees: What We Need to Know



9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Ambassadors Hotel Bloomsbury
12 Upper Woburn Place
London, WC1H 0HX, United Kingdom
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Working with refugees and asylum seeking people requires the usual expertise of an applied psychologist but also an understanding of a wide range of additional factors. These include working with an interpreter, developing culturally relevant practice, the legal context, an appreciation of the potential impact of multiple traumatic experiences on refugees but coupled with an awareness and recognition of resilience.

This conference brings together a group of internationally recognized psychologists who have worked for many years with asylum seeking and refugee children, unaccompanied minors, families and other adults. There will not only be a focus on therapy but also on the legal context and the integration of refugees into the world of work. Speakers will present current views on the psychology of working with refugees.

The event will be particularly interesting to practitioners engaged in working with asylum seeking people and refugees, both those new to the field and those with more experience, including clinical, counselling, educational and social psychologists and those with an academic interest in this area.

The learning outcomes and objectives of the CDT Conference are:

1. Learning some of the key concepts about Migration
2. Knowing about the different models of working with interpreters
3. Hearing about the factors which can affect the credibility of people’s asylum claims
4. Understanding what therapeutic interventions are recommended with refugee children
5. Hearing about the evidence base of therapeutic work with adults
6. Learning about the process of integrating refugees into work

This event is organized by the British Psychological Society. Click here for conference details.

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